We our Volunteers!

Thank you to all our volunteers. Ohr Chadash could not exist without you!!!
Minyan Ohr Chadash needs volunteers to ensure our success. If you are available to help with Kiddush (during the week or on Shabbat morning), with programming, or by volunteering to come on time to ensure a minyan is present for a prompt start for davening, please email and let us know how you would like to help. Thank you!

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Thank You to our countless volunteers.


  • Building: Jeremy Miller

  • Dinners: Karen Treiger, Jana Miller, Sherry Feuer, Renee Hirsch, Ahava Goldwater, Gigi Kohn, Rina Grossman

  • Divrei Torah: Zev Feuer

  • Finance: Greg Roer, Dorothy Roer

  • Greeters: Bayla Friedman Treiger

  • Hospitality: Ruth Aaronson

  • Kitchen and Kiddush: Jana Miller, Ruthie Voss

  • Membership: Janice Cohen

  • Refuah Shlemah: Leya Moskowitz

  • Religious: Raphael Katsman & Roger Hirsch

  • Safety and Security: Aaron Resnick & Yoni Hirsch

  • Shabbat of Learning: Karen Treiger

  • Tributes: Sharon Boguch

  • Yahrzeits: Sara Weiss, Sr.

  • Youth: Jason Shindler and Shoshanah Haberman
    Eitzim Point Parent (ages 6+): Zev Feuer
    Prachim Point Parent (ages 3-6): Jason Shindler

Board Members

  • President: Adrienne Query-Fiss

  • Vice President: Dr. Davis Fox

  • Treasurer: Aaron Resnick

  • Secretary: Lori Davis

  • Immediate Past President: Karen Treiger

  • Director: Jack Goldberg

  • Director: Dr. Andrea Katz

  • Director: Rabbi Samuel Klein

  • Director: Dr. Scott Pollack

  • Director: Velvet Zayats

  • Director: Rafael Zimberoff

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