Weekday, Shabbat and Holiday Times

Indoor Minyanim Procedures

Weekday Schedule

  • Shacharit:
    • Monday – Friday: 7:15AM
    • Sunday: 8:00AM
  • Mincha/Ma’ariv: 15 minutes before sunset

Friday, May 120th

  • Early Candle Lighting: 7:11PM
  • Candle Lighting: 8:28PM
  • Mincha/Ma’ariv: TBD

Saturday, May 21st

  • Shacharit: 9:00AM
  • Sof Zman Kriyat Shema: 9:19AM
  • OC Shabbat Tefillah & Games (ages 5-10) meeting downstairs in big room (North Wing): 10:00AM
  • OC Tot Shabbat (ages 1-4): 10:30AM
  • Pirke Avot with Rivy Poupko Kletenik: 6:00PM
  • Mincha: 8:10PM (No Seudah Shelishit at OC)
  • Daf Yomi with Dr. Shlomo Goldberg: 8:30PM
  • Conclusion of Shabbat: 9:33PM
  • Ma’ariv: 9:45PM
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